Create Common Operating Pictures, Data Dashboards, Regional Views, Project Views, User Views

The OPENNRM concept of dashboards is supported by an extensive templating system for building data pictures using ALL object types.  The templates can include a series of data and information:

  • Interactive maps and
  • Data visualization (or series of maps and visualizations,
  • Photos,
  • Videos,
  • Documents Libraries,
  • Project Pages,
  • resource lists,
  • knowledge base references (e.g. species, operational procedures, definitions, water quality objectives etc),
  • team members,
  • real time station data.

Data stories are constructed using various tools including the document library, project collaborator, map services etc. and then these stories are combined to create data stories a different scales.  Dashboards are easily constructed and de-constructed and remixable to be assign to team members and groups.