Building Knowledge Archives

The fundamental goal of the document and project libraries is to allow permission-based data (any data) sharing over a secure network and publish this data to the public.  Features include:

  • Single/Multiple file upload. Metadata manager/Editor.
  • Support for all popular data formats (image, video and text): ex .doc, .xls, .jpg, .psd, .kml, .shp, .wmv, .pdf, .netcdf
  • Geo-located assets using lat/long coordinates or the map viewer.
  • Create document libraries.
  • Categorize by regions, users, location, keywords and more.
  • Easily assign asserts to a project, wiki, document, map, shapefile.
  • Share assets with colleagues, team members.
  • Make assets public or keep private, or only share with your group.

Use the OpenNRM document uploader to build these libraries and archive your information.