Collaborative Creation and Modification of your Digital Content

OPENNRM provides a content management system to allow users to create, modify and manage content within the OpenNRM application.

  1. OpenNRM has an administrative control panel for managing permissions, key features and styles.
  2. Each asset is managed by a customizable editor.  All content can be geographically enabled via GeoRSS and JSON for spatial synthesis with other data.
  3. The content storage allows for redundant mechanisms to import and export data with the single goal of data sharing: OWL, RSS, JSON, CSV, netCDF.  Maximizing interoperability with other RSS/XML based distribution channels.
  4. The OpenNRM content directory publishes every object and data type in the database as RSS feeds and JSON arrays.  The directory may be queried through the OpenNRM framework or optionally through a REST interface so that content may be consumed independently of the User Interface.
  5. The OpenNRM framework embeds an RSS feed reader and may consume any content that provide RSS, GeoRSS or JSON feeds.

The OpenNRM framework allows for filtering of content channels based on selected regions, areas of responsibility, hot spots, presets, etc. using the map based interface.  Searching geographically for geo-coded information is enabled for all object types extending the map to include document libraries, project database, data, visualizations, wiki knowledge bases, publications or whatever file type related to a specific location.  This feature supports simple and robust construction of dashboards, common operating pictures, adaptive management scenarios, regional management cyber infrastructure, workspaces and project collaboration tools.

The emergence and evolution of a number of techniques have created new levels of expectation for content and data sharing websites and applications.  The prevalence of open standards such as RSS, OWL, RDF and REST are allowing software developers to leverage advances in content sharing to create sophisticated data consumers and producers.  The OpenNRM flexible framework is consistent with these advances in technology.