Building web 2.0 websites and applications requires a diverse skill set these days.   If you need assistance implementing the OpenNRM GIS collaboration suite we have a team standing by to help your technology staff learn the ropes in order to build and maintain your IT investment.

SET UP AND INSTALLATION: From setting up and installation of the OpenNRM services on your servers in house to helping you find the right outside hosting partner.   Our staff can help you to decide the hosting strategy that best suits your IT needs.    The 34 North team can also help you to plan your new IT infrastructure in conjunction with existing ESRI ArcServer, ArcSDE and ArcIMS services.
DESIGN: Create your own look and feel using our design team.  Our design staff is skilled at modifying OpeNRM CSS and creating custom widgets in order to present a custom look for your website for a fraction of traditional design costs.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS: 34 North provides system analysis, design, planning and implementation services for customizing the OpenNRM platform to met your business needs.  Design, page layout, CSS styling, content presentation, custom RSS directories, application development, CMS customization are just a few of the features we can customize.  The 34 North team also specializes in integrating real time monitoring station data, historical data and other live condition data to your map API.

MIGRATION AND DATA IMPORTATION: 34 North can help you to migrate existing website content and applications to your new OpenNRM platform.  34 North also specializes in data import and migration from existing databases so that your website may launch with your valuable content.

CODE REVIEW AND VALIDATION: If your team needs help troubleshooting code, give us a call.   But don’t forget you also have a large  developer community who can help you free of charge.

USABILITY TESTING, PERFORMANCE AND SCALABILITY: Let our team review your final product plan and make sure you have prepared for a scalable and secure website.  We can also provide software and hardware recommendations.

TRAINING COURSES: Onsite training courses to prepare your web team for implementing and maintaining you OpenNRM platform.